Thurston Investment Network (ThINK)

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For businesses in need of funding at a time when traditional commercial loans and lines of credit have increasingly strict application requirements, the Thurston Investment Network (ThINk) may be an alternative.

Like you, local investors care about advancing our community’s prosperity and future. More than simply funders, they’re your customers, fellow community members, neighbors, and other local business owners interested in your success. Much like shopping local, investing local helps keep local dollars local—and you know as well as anyone, that’s a win for our whole community.

ThINk is currently welcoming pitches from both startups and established businesses seeking to expand. ThINk investors will consider both equity and loans, venture opportunities, and/or social impact. To date, local deals made through ThINk have ranged from $5,000 to $350,000, and for the right business, larger investments may be possible.

*ThINk investor members and pitching business owners both must exercise due diligence and recognize the inherent risks; seeking advice from financial advisors, accountants and attorneys as needed.

Thurston Investment Network (ThINK)


The Thurston Investment Network (ThINK) is a group of local investors interested in investing in Washington businesses with high growth potential. Businesses pitch to the investment network and interested investors work with businesses to negotiate investments. There is no maximum investment limit.

Thurston Investment Network (ThINK)