Center for Business & Innovation

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The Center for Business & Innovation is located in the South Sound Community College Lacey Campus. It is home to the Thurston Economic Development Council, the Lacey Small Business Development Center, the Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center and the Washington Center for Women in Business.

Center for Business & Innovation


Business Enterprise Startup Training (BEST)-Structures and Licenses for Startups

Learn how to choose the right legal structure for your startup, form that legal structure, and obtain the required business licenses. BEST-Structures and Licenses for Startups is a $99 course. Scholarships are available.

Business Resource Hotline

Free Business Resource Hotline. Just call the number during business hours (M-F 9:30 am - 3:30 pm PST) and a live person will assist you with your questions and direct you to current resources available in Washington State..

CB&I Consulting

CB&I Consulting connects business owners directly with consultants for direct technical assistance. Consultants complete projects or provide consultations to businesses

Business Enterprise Startup Training (BEST)-Business Plan Writing for Startups

BEST was developed to guide new entrepreneurs through the process of starting a business while writing a business plan at the same time.

Intro to Business Startup

This no cost course is intended to help get you started on the right path for your entrepreneurial journey. It will present 8 steps for you to take to start your business.

Center for Business & Innovation


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