Center for Business & Innovation

The City of Olympia supports entrepreneurs through their Business Resiliency Project by providing scholarships and funding for the following programs:

Quick Startup-A online incubator for Women Owned Businesses to develop an online store in one month.

Business Enterprise Startup Training-Online courses developed to help new entrepreneurs write a business plan, understand how to brand and market their startup, understand how to structure and license their startup and do basic accounting.

Build Your Market and Business TuneUp-Trainings for growth stage businesses interested in taking the next step to success.

Individuals that own businesses or are starting businesses in the City of Olympia are eligible to apply for these grants and scholarships. Please call 360-754-6320 or email for more information on applying.

City of Olympia Business Growth and Startup Support

For more information:

Please call 1-888-821-6652 or email for application instructions.

Upcoming ScaleUp Trainings:

            -April 18th-June 13th
                9:00-10:30am Tuesdays

            -May 4th-June 29th
               9:00-10:30am Thursdays

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