Lacey MakerSpace

Are you a builder, creator, or inventor and dream of having a workshop full of specialty tools. The Lacey MakerSpace is for you!

The Lacey MakerSpace is a workshop for builders and inventors. Members can access 3-D printing equipment, welding tools, cutting tools, plasma cutters and more. Located on the St. Martin’s University Campus in Zaverl Hall the space serves as a catalyst for economic growth. The Lacey MakerSpace benefits the community by providing access to advanced design and fabrication tools, business and education resources, and skill development. 

Lacey MakerSpace

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Lacey MakerSpace
Lacey MakerSpace

Upcoming ScaleUp Trainings:

            -April 15th-May 6th
                9:00-10:30am Tuesdays

            -May 4th-June 29th
               9:00-10:30am Thursdays

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