The Thurston Investment Network. Think Local, Invest Local.

Welcome to ThINK, an investment-based network. Through the Thurston Investment Network (ThINk), people with a desire to have a local component to their investment portfolio have an opportunity to connect with local business owners who need capital.

How it Works

Once your business has applied - filled out the application forms and provided the required financial information - Network Members are then free to connect directly with a business they would consider funding. If there’s mutual interest, a Member and business directly negotiate the terms of their deal. The deal is entirely between the two parties, the lender and borrower. Both parties must exercise due diligence and recognize the inherent risks.

State and federal securities regulations normally require businesses to produce costly disclosures and extensive fillings unless an exemption applies. These requirements make it difficult, or even prohibitive, for small entrepreneurs to raise affordable capital. The good news is that ThINk Members and businesses can take advantage of the Isolated Transaction Exemption, which includes the following parameters:  

  • No maximum dollar amount limit
  • Maximum of three Members making a transaction with a particular business during any 24-month period
  • Transactions can be at the same time or a different times
  • All businesses seeking capital through the Network and all Members lending to businesses through the Network agree to limit transactions to within the parameters of this exemption.

ThINK Works Best for Businesses that are:

  • Start Up organizations seeking large capital infusions that have high growth potential or scalability.
  • Existing organizations seeking large capital infusions for large scale growth.

For more information:

Contact Aslan Meade for all ThINK inquires at

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